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Orthotic and Foot Care Consultation

Aside from Pharmacy Kevin Kelly specialises in Orthopedic and Foot Care. The average person will walk thousands of miles over a lifetime. Unfortunately, many of these miles will be walked in uncomfortable shoes that do not fit properly. Shoes that are too tight, too loose, or without enough support, can lead to unwanted stress on the feet, ankles, lower leg, hip, and spine. This ongoing pressure can cause pain and injuries that may limit or prevent participation in work, sports, and hobbies. You should seek consultation with Kevin if you have pain in your feet, ankles, lower limbs, hip or back. It is especially important to pursue this advice if you are unsure of the cause of the pain, or if you are not aware of the precise treatment options for the issue.

Kevin Kelly’s Pharmacy specialise in foot care. You can call anytime but are best advised to make an appointment. Process usually takes up to 30 minutes.

About custom-made orthotics

An orthotic, a corrective device worn inside a shoe, can help the muscles, tendons and bones of your feet and lower legs function at their highest potential. When appropriately prescribed to treat a medical condition and custom-made, orthotics can decrease pain, not only in your feet, but in other parts of the body, such as your knees, hips and lower back.

What to expect during your assessment

Your consultation guides you through an extensive evaluation to ensure orthotics are the best option and that they’re properly designed for you. During your initial assessment, symptoms and previous injuries, Kevin takes into account your lifestyle and typical footwear.


During your consultation, Kevin observes:

– Your overall posture

– The structure, alignment, strength and range of motion of your legs and feet

– During your gait analysis, Kevin observes how you walk; identifying any existing accommodations or abnormalities. 

– Wear or take Runners with you for your analysis

– Your presenting symptoms and condition

– Your current footwear for fit, wear patterns and function


Based on your assessment, Kevin explains how the treatment will help meet your specific needs.

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