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Saunders Group Posture Support


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Product Description

Posture Support by Saunders Group.

The Saunders Posture Support anchors around the waist with an adjustable, elastic waistband to ensure a custom fit. Featuring unique suspender-style elastic straps, the criss-cross design of the support gently pulls the shoulders, spine and lower back into an ergonomically correct position, decreasing back and shoulder pain almost instantly.

The elastic under-arm straps are covered with soft, cotton fabric to prevent pinching or binding, and the Velcro buckles allow this device to fit a wide range of users. The reinforcing thoracic band supports the spine and provides the secure point of attachment for the elastic straps.

Posture Support Features:

  • User-adjustable support and posture reinforcement
  • Gently trains the back muscles to stay aligned
  • Can be worn under clothing for discreet applications
  • Measure at the waist for best fit
  • Padded straps won’t pinch or bind


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