Talarmade trio heel pain-triplaner rearfoot inventing orthotic

Talarmade Trio Heel Pain-Triplanar Rear Foot Inventing Orthotic


Talarmade trio heel pain-triplaner rearfoot inventing orthotic

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Trio – Triplanar rearfoot inverting orthotics

A unique product for motion control and pressure reduction in the forefoot Trio Pressure Relief™ is a unique foot orthosis designed to achieve a return of normal function to the foot and protect the forefoot.

This distinctive TalarMade design integrates features that have previously only been available, in combination, from a custom made device. Manufactured with a supportive ¾ length medium density EVA shell, Trio Pressure Relief™ offers a genuine opportunity for effective control of damaging pronation forces, with reduction and offloading of forefoot pressures. Trio Pressure Relief™ features include: Hexasole™ removal plug system for protection of plantar lesions Retron™ cushioning of the forefoot Navicular support Low 1st Ray profile Intrinsic and extrinsic rearfoot posts Additional biplanar rearfoot posts Optional medial and lateral forefoot posts.

Through this combination of design elements Trio PR™ offers the prospect of speedily treating established problems in the foot.

The Trio Pressure Relief Orthotics are part of the 3 Point Pivot System.

We recommend this product is fitted by a qualified healthcare professional.



  • Anti-bacterial top cover
  • Navicular support
  • Extrinsic rear foot post
  • Low profile 1st ray contour 1.2mm
  • Poron® mid-layer EVA forefoot extension with removable plugs to off-load plantar lesions
  • Retron cushion 1st ray
  • Location for additional biplanar rearfoot post
  • Lateral Retron™ heel cushion for shock absorption


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