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Sports Orthotics

Our Pharmacists understand and participate in sports themselves and can provide you with accurate and sport specific advice & treatment for all your sports orthotic needs. Sports Orthotics are custom-made orthopedic devices that fit comfortably inside your boots or training shoes and are prescribed on an individual basis. When playing sports, many injuries can be avoided by ensuring you are wearing correct protection and footwear. You would not wear brogues playing a football match, so why would you wear orthotics that are not specifically designed not just for sport in general, but for your specific sport.

Kevin Kelly’s Pharmacy specialise in sport orthotics. You can call anytime but are best advised to make an appointment. Process usually takes up to 30 minutes.

What We Offer

You can book an appointment with our staff to be assessed on your need for sports orthotics. Often what happens is the patient will be offered temporary orthotics to wear for the first few weeks to determine if orthotics will have the desired effect. You will also be given exercises and stretches to perform during this period to help the orthotics carry out their function and prepare the body for the adjustment. If the temporary orthotics achieve the desired results generally the patient will then be prescribed custom made orthotics to continue this correction process.

What to expect during your assessment

Your consultation guides you through an extensive evaluation to ensure orthotics are the best option and that they’re properly designed for you. During your initial assessment, symptoms and previous injuries, Kevin takes into account your lifestyle and typical footwear.


During your consultation, Kevin observes:

– Your overall posture

– The structure, alignment, strength and range of motion of your legs and feet.

– Your presenting symptoms and condition.

– Your current footwear for fit, wear patterns and function.

– During your gait analysis, Kevin observes how you walk identifying any abnormalities.

Based on your assessment, Kevin explains how the treatment will help meet your specific needs.

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