MSD-Band- Resistive Exercise System


  • Resistive exercise system
  • Incredibly tear resistant
  • Improves muscle range of motion and strength
  • Available in different lengths and resistances


The MSD-Band Resistive Exercise Band is a resistive exercise band that helps improve muscles. They’re incredibly easy to work out with and even come with a manual to get you started.
Muscle Force
Working out with the MSD-Band exerts positive and negative forces on muscles. This helps to increase their range of motion, their strength, and the co-operation of the different muscle groups.
Improving your muscles’ strength and ability is an important part of the exercise, and the MSD-Band delivers on this need.
Different Resistances.
The MSD-Band comes in eight different resistances so that you can get the workout you need for the stage you’re at. The resistance is determined by the thickness of the band – the thicker the band, the tougher the resistance.