Ossur Formfit- Thumb Spica


Following surgery or the use of a cast it is often advisable to utilise a wrist support to protect the joint in its weakened state and avoid further injury as you return to full fitness.

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The Formfit® Wrist Support with Thumb Spica is designed to restrict wrist and thumb motion. It is constructed from a lightweight durable fabric with patented 3-dimensional moulded padding for superior comfort and fit. The support also benefits from having simple contact closure straps for easy application. Wrist support is designed to offer pain relief to the wearer by reducing the movement afforded to the injured appendage, thereby improving rehabilitation time. The Formfit Wrist Support with Thumb Spica can be used to treat a variety of sports injuries including trigger thumb,Carpal Tunnel , a broken thumb or a sprained wrist.

Patented Formfit 3-dimensional moulding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit Effective long-term immobilisation and protection .

Patented 3-Dimensional Moulding Technology.

Adjustable design for a customised fit.

Exceptional comfort.

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