Sponser Power Porridge

Sponser Power Porridge


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Product Description

Power Porridge is a warm breakfast for athletes. The preparation made with hot water and milk leads to a swelling and a gelatinisation of the starch grains; which gives to Power Porridge a pulpy consistency. Power Porridge is an ideal basis for long distances and ultra endurance performances.

Enriched with 13 important vitamins such as Vitargo, the patented carbohydrate out of barley starch. Vitargo has a molecular weight which is about 100 times higher than all other cereal starches. It also contains OatWell, a concentrate oatmeal rich in betaglucans (soluble food fibres) with gelling properties.

– Contains betaglucans and oatmeal flakes
– Based on VitargoTM
– Enriched with vitamins and minerals

As energy rich breakfast for endurance activities.


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