Orthotics are the reason that we at Kevin Kelly Pharmacy have become Ireland’s No.1 Sports Pharmacy. We began by sourcing orthotics that would suit sporting activities, workwear, dancing, hillwalking, children and customers with specific medical requirements such as Diabetes and Arthritis. We quickly began to see the need to supply other products necessary to treat foot conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and plantar fasciitis.

There are 12 different Foot Types and the classic ‘one size fits all’ solution will not apply when it comes to your feet!
We offer over 40 different types of orthotic, allowing us to select the correct orthotic for you, depending on your foot type, gait analysis, medical condition and your age.

We believe that early intervention using correctly selected orthotics fitted into the most appropriate footwear can prevent a huge amount of long-term injuries and debilitating conditions.

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