Carbo loader


Highly concentrated carbohydrate blend Multi-carb formula plus electrolytes for efficient carboloading Maximises glycogen stores prior to endurance activities


CARBO LOADER is a high energy carbohydrate-electrolyte solution, developed for the efficient restoring of the carbohydrates (carboloading). This requires a very high intake of carbohydrates, which can be conveniently achieved with CARBO LOADER. In contrast to the enormous amounts of pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. which would be otherwise necessary, it does not burden the stomach nor cause a feeling of fullness. CARBO LOADER is especially suitable for the last 1-2 days before any endurance competition (such as cycling, running, triathlon, cross-country skiing, trail running). It can also be used to promote recovery, for example in training camps or on the day after the competition.

CARBO LOADER contains electrolytes, various sugars and is free from free fructose. VITARGOTM is a patented carbohydrate from barley starch with a molecular weight about 100 times bigger than maltodextrin. This results in a very low osmolality for a certain given energy quantity. Consequently, there is less stress for your stomach than with the same energy concentration from short-chain sugars. Since stomach emptying is faster, energy and fluid absorption are faster as well.

Various studies (e.g. Bussau et al., Eur J Appl Physiol 87, 2002: 290-295) show that glycogen stores can be completely refilled by just one-day carboloading.

This product is vegan.