Leukotape Classic 3.75cm x 10m




BSN Leukotape Classic is a non-stretch zinc oxide tape with high tensile strength ideal for therapeutic and prophylactic application. It is a rigid strapping tape constructed from 100% cotton fabric. The zinc oxide adhesive gives BSN Leukotape Classic reliable adhesion, offering support and efficient stabilization of joint structures.

The tape is permeable to air and water resistant, and can be torn along width and length. It is ideal for therapeutic or prophylactic applications.

BSN Leukotape Classic stabilizes both mechanically and proprioceptively. Offering outstanding user comfort, its high adhesive strength ensures the non-slip fit of the tape bandage. It offers a wide range of benefits to the user.

The BSN Leukotape Classic adheres reliably to the skin and underlay material, also adheres securely under strain. It is skin-friendly, and is dirt and water repellent. It offers high comfort, and is easy to use.

The rounded edges of the plastic core reduce the risk of injury and allow the tape to be unrolled up to the last centimetre, and BSN Leukotape Classic can be torn lengthwise and crosswise, allowing individual application without scissors.

The bandage remains in place for several days, saving time and costs.