Mueller Lube Stick Tube for Runners




Mueller Lube Stick For Runners Apply prior to activity for a more comfortable experience Lube-Stick brings relief to skin pain and keeps your skin from chafing and developing conditions from friction so you can keep on running. The Mueller Lube Stick provides great protection against abrasion, and is therefore particularly suited for running or any other activities which require equipment that could cause chafing or discomfort to the skin. The Lube Stick is also suitable for everyday wear to make sure your feet are comfortable in shoes of any kind. The Lube Stick creates a soft-film barrier between the skin and the equipment (pads, shoes, et cetera) that prevents unpleasant rubbing and friction that could cause blisters, abrasions and more. Who Can Benefit from the Mueller Lube Stick? The lube stick is a great product for making exercise and sports more comfortable, and therefore more enjoyable. It should be applied to the skin prior to undertaking the activity. The Lube Stick helps keep the skin smooth and protected, making it ideal for the ball-of-foot, heel or groin area. Long-distance runners will especially appreciate this product, as the constant rubbing of feet against shoes can prove to be quite painful over long periods of time. It’s not greasy, has no unpleasant odour and will stay on for long periods of time, so is the perfect choice for minimising abrasion.