Nitro flow performance


Performance optimizer Supports nitric oxide (NO) production Enhanced blood flow and oxygen (O2) utilization Particularly suited for ambitious strength- and endurance athletes


NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 is a performance optimizer suited both for strength and endurance sports. We recommend its use especially in the preparation for a race, during hard training blocks as well as to support recovery.

NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 contains a unique combination of several functional ingredients such as New Zealand blackcurrant, Montmorency cherry or even citrus bioflavonoids. These have been scientifically tested on athletes and are already being used in elite sports due to their promising effects, as they can improve endurance performance by increasing fat oxidation to provide energy.

The scientific data promise benefits on the following parameters:

• maintenance of normal blood flow

• optimized oxygen (O2) transport and utilization

• dilatation of blood vessels

• mitochondrial oxygen use and energy production

• antioxidative protection supporting recovery

This product is vegan.