Ossur SoftPro Rest


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The SoftPro® Functional Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthosis (WHFO) is clinically indicated for providing support and protection of a weak or injured wrist, hand, fingers, including thumb.

The “bend to fit” endoskeleton frame can be hand shaped to accommodate the desired angle of support for the wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.

The endoskeleton frame can be modified in the sagittal plane as well as medially, laterally and rotationally to accommodate most angles of the wrist/hand/fingers without the use of tools.

The endoskeleton frame is a closed cell foam, covered by a laminated foam/cloth cover that can be laundered as necessary.
Extra-long wrist strap holds the wrist in the proper position and applies a gentle stretch.
Maintains/supports the wrist/hand/fingers in a comfortable functional position.
“Bend to Fit” – Easily adjust to correct alignment and support joints without the use of a heat gun.

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