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PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER from SPONSER® supports you in hard strength training as well as in intensive endurance training. The multi-component active complex ensures increased blood circulation in your muscles and an improved pump. The active ingredients support you physically and mentally during intensive sessions. They ensure that you can get the maximum out of it while already initiating the regeneration process. PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER is equally suitable for strength and endurance athletes.

The high-quality supplement with its ingredients focuses on various aspects of your workout:

  • 7 plant extracts (Fiit-ns®, Vinitrox®) with the contained polyphenols and bioactive peptides from the whey protein hydrolysate CFM Nitro®
  • Amino acids L-Citrulline and L-Ornithine Support of concentration and performance
  • 100 mg caffeine*, L-tyrosine, taurine, ribose


*** If an increased amount of caffeine is required, our ACTIVATOR (200mg caffeine) is suitable for targeted dosage. Promotion of recovery and muscle building (Nucleotides, choline, taurine, zinc, vitamins).