Salt caps


Electrolytes in concentrated form Compensation of salt and electrolyte loss through sweating practical intake, simple dosage ideal for endurance sports and during hot temperatures


Salt Caps by SPONSER® is your ideal companion during endurance training. The concentrated electrolyte blend helps to keep your salt and electrolyte levels in balance. Especially suitable for longer sessions in the summer and with high temperatures, when the body loses excess electrolytes through sweating, which can lead to decreased performance, reduced muscle function (cramping), and impaired recovery.

The ingredients of the capsules are based on body sweat losses and contain the electrolytes sodium (salt), potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The capsules can be taken together with water, with or without added carbohydrates, serving as a self-made sports drink.

Especially suitable for sports such as triathlon, cycling, running, tennis, football, trail running, MTB, handball.

This product is vegan.