URIAGE Bébé – 1st Change Cream with Organic Edelweiss


Repairs skin and soothes diaper rash

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Ideal to take care of the baby’s sensitive skin with each diaper change. With a unique formula, it not only nourishes and soothes the skin but also repairs and protects, comforting the skin. Edelweiss Extract and Uriage Thermal Water help strengthen the skin barrier and relieve sensations of discomfort. Shea Butter helps regenerate and soothe, comforting the skin. And Zinc Oxide forms a protective barrier that shields the delicate skin of the nappy area against both dampness and external aggressors. All in all, it helps repair, soothe, and also protect the skin. Throughout the day, with each diaper change, it is perfect to both comfort and protect the delicate skin of the nappy area.