Leukofix tape


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Leukofix Tape is the surgical tape of choice when transparency and quick action are called for. It is particularly useful in emergencies or intensive care and is suitable for a broad  range of fixation needs. It is used for the secure fixation of dressings of all types and sizes, cannulae, probes and catheters.

Leukofix Tape is transparent and has an air and moisture-permeable polyethylene film. It allows the puncture site to be observed and monitored without removing the dressing, and there is no need to remove for x-rays. The tape has good initial and long-term adhesion providing secure fixation and has a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive. The film has micro-perforators which tears easily crosswise, lengthwise or in the middle. The tape is also breathable, reducing the risk of skin maceration and fits all body contours.

2.5cm x 5m