Liquid energy Ultra


Liquid energy concentrate developed for very long endurance performances of low intensity With a special carbohydrate mix as well as a high-quality fat source based on MCT-oil, coconut and macadamia Enriched with BCAA and salt-Free from gluten and lactose, without free fructose, no artificial additives


LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA by SPONSER® is a tasty and energizing carbohydrate-fat-gel for ultra-endurance athletes based on isomaltulose, glucose, sucrose, and waxy corn starch for staggered energy supply.

LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA contains not only different sources of carbohydrate, but also vegetable fats from coconut, olive oil, and macadamia nuts in order to use the body’s own energy systems as optimally as possible. The MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides – medium-chain fatty acids) can be absorbed directly via the portal vein and is preferably metabolized in the liver. Thus, the MCT represents a readily digestible and easily available alternative energy source for athletes.

Enriched with 450 mg of BCAA as well as 140 mg of sodium per serving