Red beet vinitrox


Performance optimizer Supports nitrice oxide (NO) production Enhanced blood flow and oxygen (O2) transport Particularly suited for ambitious strength- and endurance athletes


Nitrate-containing beetroot as contained in RED BEET VINITROX is amongst the most popular performance optimizers in strength- and endurance sports. Various studies (show the performance-enhancing benefits of improved blood flow and oxygen capacity, both of which also contributing to optimal recovery.

Based on its supposed effects regarding increased mitochondrial efficiency (improved energy and oxygen supply), performance benefits can be expected in submaximal activities of high aerobic energy dependence. Studies mostly examined durations between several minutes to half an hour.

RED BEET VINITROX is formulated with a standardized concentrate of beetroot juice combined with a patented tomato extract. It delivers nitrate, specific polyphenols (VinitroxTM) and bioactive milk peptides (Whey Pepto CFMTM) further contributing to nitric oxide formation, as well as L-arginine and L-ornithine. The nitrate content of one-shot corresponds to approx. 500 ml of beetroot juice. FruitflowTM helps to maintain a normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to a healthy blood flow. Power athletes confirm the so-called “pump” effect from NO-products.

Tip: For sensitive stomach and on race days, dilute shot with 200-300 ml of water and drink as fruit juice, preferably with a meal.

This product is vegan.