Talarmade Trio ¾ Length Triplonar Rearfoot Inventing Orthotic


The Prostep 3/4 Length Orthotics are part of the 3 Point Pivot System.

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You have selected a Prostep device for your patient because they have an SNA arch value of around 100° – 130°. This type of foot anatomy is often described as ‘pes planus’ and can be more commonly associated with significant foot related problems.

As this foot type is loaded with body weight, forces will generate greater than average heel eversion. As the heel everts the joint supporting the talus (ankle bone) becomes more angulated towards the ground.

The supportive medial shelf of bone on the calcaneus (sustentaculum tali (ST)) has a reduced ability to support the talus and this change transfers the loading force into the talo-navicular joint, which tends to bulge. This change creates instability of the midfoot joints while excessively loading the medial forefoot and the 1st toe extension score will be low.


Heel cupping for calcaneal stability and reduction of heel valgus

Anti-bacterial top cover

Sustenaculum tali support

Medial arch support.

Supports action of plantar fascia and resists high pronation forces Integrated posting system.

Forefoot post 0°, 3° and 5° I

ntegrated posting systems.

Rearfoot post 0°, 3° and 5°.

Indications for use:

Plantar fasciitis


Functional hallux limitus

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Posterior tibial tendonitis

Hallux valgus/limitus

Biomechanical functional control where rearfoot control is required

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Medium 7-8.5