Whey isolate 94


Highest quality and value, grass-fed Whey Gentle CFM manufacturing process for unadulterated quality Ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass and improved regeneration Dietary support of weight reduction & convalescence low fat and low carb, lactose-free


WHEY ISOLATE 94 of SPONSER® is a pure whey protein isolate of the highest quality level from milk from grass-fed cows. Ideally suited for the daily protein requirements to build and maintain muscle mass, to promote regeneration, and to support weight reduction in the context of a calorie-reduced diet. The high biological value (170 according to Oser), as well as a gentle manufacturing process (CFM or Cross Flow Filtration) for the most natural quality possible, underline our quality claim. Whey protein is considered the most complete protein, with the ideal ratio of all nine essential amino acids. The human body cannot produce these vital amino acids but must take them up with food.

Important to know:

Those who react to lactose with flatulence and abdominal pain can consume the lactose-free WHEY ISOLATE 94 without any problems. This also applies to PREMIUM WHEY HYDRO.